Ignition Panels and Switches

  • Ignition Panels & Switches
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Wirthco’s ignition panels and start panels fit a variety of OEM racing, agricultural, and off-road equipment. They are also used for high-end performance vehicles that use Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS). These start panels and toggle switches are easy to install. Each one utilizes four mounting holes. The "Start/Ignition Panel - 2 Switch/1 LED" contains an on-off ignition switch with a flip up cover. It also has a red indicator light as well as a covered starter button. The "Start/Ignition Panel - 3 Switch/2 LED" contains all of the "2 Switch/1 LED" features as well as a green indicator light and a second toggle on-off switch that is without cover. Both are mounted on a heavy duty, attractive, chrome plated panel.