WirthCo Battery Doctor® Smart Chargers and Maintainers

  • Smart Battery Doc® Chargers/Maintainers
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WirthCo Battery Doctor® Smart Chargers/Maintainers are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including: RVs, motorcycles, boats, cars, ATVs, gas powered golf carts and other applications where space is tight. All our Battery Doctor® chargers are manufactured in an ISO approved factory and are individually tested for quality control.

WirthCo Battery Doctor® Charger Benefits

  • Electronic Switching Technology - WirthCo Battery Doctor® Smart Chargers utilize electronic switch power technology as opposed to the linear technology (transformers) used with most other battery chargers.
  • Safer to Use – Electronic switch technology chargers do not get as warm to the touch, unlike transformer chargers, making them friendlier to use! WirthCo Battery Doctor® chargers are both short circuit protected and spark proof!
  • Compact, Portable, and Ultra Light – WirthCo Battery Doctor® chargers are about half the size and half the weight of other chargers!
  • Reverse Polarity Protected - WirthCo Battery Doctor® chargers are reverse polarity protected! This technology assures that there will be no damage to your battery or charger if the leads are connected incorrectly.
  • Simple and Easy to Use – Battery Doctor® chargers provide easy to follow instructions, clearly defined LED indicators, making your battery charger buying process far less complicated!

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