Battery Doctor® 2/8/16 Amp 12 Volt Smart Charger

  • 7-Stage Charging Program: Refresh, Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption, Equalizing, Analysis and Float
  • Refresh Technology: Breaks Down Internal Battery Resistant Resulting from Sulfation or a Heavily Discharged Battery
  • Smart Battery Technology Prevents Overcharging
  • Fully Automatic Smart Charging Technology with New Electronic Switching Control Technology
  • Automatic "Switching Technology" Can Be Safely Connected to the Battery for Long Periods of Time
  • Water Resistant Enclosure with Coating to Protect Circuit Board
  • Automatically Detects Defective Batteries
  • Thermal Resistor Automatically Senses the Internal Temperature of the Charger to Avoid Damages Due to Over-Heating or High Ambient Temperature
  • LED indicates the selected charging rate (2, 8 or 16 Amps)
  • 6 Foot AC Cable and 8 Foot DC Cable Included
  • Includes Alligator Clips and Ring Terminal Harness for Multiple Applications



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Product Weight (lb): 3.3
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