Funnel King® Scoops

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WirthCo Funnely King® scoops are made from high quality materials and are extremely durable. The robust design of Funnel King’s® one piece scoop makes them ideal for heavy-duty jobs. WirthCo carries two unique styles of Funnel King® hand scoops to suit your project needs.

Funnel King® Translucent One Piece Scoop

This heavy-duty hand scoop is chemical resistant, spark and rust proof. It also features:
  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Translucent design
  • Tough, durable handles

Funnel King® 16-Ounce Hand Scoop

This one piece scoop is perfect for a wide range of applications, its features include:
  • Polypropylene construction
  • Chemical resistant
  • Spark and rust proof design

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