Welcome to WirthCo™

WirthCo Engineering, Inc. is entering our fourth decade as a prime manufacturer of practical products for making life easier and safer - at home, in the workplace, on the road, in the campground, and on the water. We are grateful for valued employees and customers and we are dedicated to continuing growth based upon integrity and service. We are also proud of our heritage of providing innovative quality products.

Battery Doctor Products

An electric disconnect switch provides a convenient way to shut down electrical power in your vehicle to reduce battery drainage, help protect against electrical fires and theft, and ensure safe power cut-off during maintenance. Ideal for RVs and commercial vehicles, disconnect switches can be used in any vehicle that will be stored or out of use for extended periods to remove all parasitic power loads and prevent small leakages, commonly known as “parasitic drain” that will slowly deplete the battery.

The Battery Doctor® remote electric disconnect switch can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle and provides a fast and easy solution for cutting power to your vehicle and preserving battery power. Simple to install, these remote battery disconnect switches operate at the touch of a button to turn power on or off. Click here to learn more and to see a video demonstrating how easy it is to use our remote electric disconnect switch.

Funnel King Products

WirthCo™’s Funnel King® brand has a wide variety of Galvanized and Plastic Fluid Control Items. We specialize distribution and marketing of heavy-duty funnels and industrial funnels, oil drum funnels, plastic measuring containers, and other fluid control products.