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For centuries people have been using heavy duty funnels and funnel accessory products to effectively transfer fluid between containers, or from a container into an object. The design of a funnel allows liquid to be poured quickly and cleanly from one area to another without the mess and hassle of cleaning up spills associated with “eyeing it out.” With the modernization of technology, funnels have effectively changed throughout the years; providing an assortment of funnel types for a wide range of industries and applications.

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Funnel King® Industrial Funnels & Fluid Accessories 

WirthCo™'s Funnel King® brand provides a wide variety of premium quality plastic funnels for your heavy duty funnel and drip tray needs. We specialize in a wide range of products, including:
  • Heavy duty funnels
  • Oil drum funnels
  • Plastic measuring containers
  • Galvanized funnels
  • Auto stop funnels
  • Drip trays
  • And more
In addition, our private labels are ideal for OEMs and suppliers alike; we provide a private labeling option for all our funnels, so your brand and logo can be represented on the funnels you trust. Funnel King’s® standard and custom heavy duty funnels are built to last, providing years of continued service!
For even more superior quality Funnel King® options ask about our funnel displays, drip trays, spouts and many other popular items! 

Funnel King® Products & Accessories 

No matter your exact application needs, WirthCo™ has a Funnel King® product or accessory that will provide the results you are looking for. The following Funnel King® products and accessories are available in numerous options, colors and styles.


Funnel King® provides heavy duty funnel options for a wide range of applications. Our unique standard funnels, custom funnels and fluid control products provide the options that you need for successful fluid transfers. Some of the Funnel King® funnel types that we carry, include:
  • General purpose funnels
  • Industrial funnels
  • Safety funnels
  • Specialty fluid control funnels
  • Economy funnels
  • Fun