Funnel King® Heavy Duty Funnels

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Due to their robust nature, advanced quality heavy duty funnels and fluid control products are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of tough and rugged applications. Standard and heavy duty funnels allow for the quick, safe and efficient transfer of fluids from container to container or from container to tank, without the concern of splashing or spillage. Standard heavy duty funnels are manufactured from highly durable polyethylene and polypropylene materials for fully stout and unyielding performance.
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Heavy Duty Funnel Options

Funnel King® heavy duty funnels offers the best options for your standard and custom funnel and fluid contol product needs. Our dedicated team will find the absolute perfect funnel for your project every time. Funnel King® solutions offers standard heavy duty funnels as well as customized funnels that can be uniquely labeled to match your specific needs. We offer a wide variety of Funnel King® heavy duty funnels, including:

Economy Heavy Duty Funnels

Funnel King’s® standard and heavy duty economy funnels are performance tested, with numerous available options to support your everyday funnel needs. These standard custom funnels sport designs that allow them to be used for a wide range of applications.

Polyethylene Folding Heavy Duty Funnels

A folding standard heavy duty funnel provides numerous benefits that allow it to be used in industrial shops across the globe. The folding funnel’s unique folding design allows it to be stored nearly anywhere, which makes it ideal for application sites that have limited space.

General Purpose Heavy Duty Funnels

If you don’t already have one, you probably wish you did. General purpose heavy duty funnels can be used for pretty much anything. The broad polyethylene general purpose funnel designs allow for multiple transfer tasks of a wide range of fluids and materials.

Industrial Standard Funnels

Whether it is a funnel filter screen, 17-quart monster funnel, extra heavy-duty polyethylene funnels or 3-quart guzzlers with swivel spout, Funnel King’s® fluid control products have you covered. Our industrial funnels can be used in and out of the garage for an ever-increasing amount of fluid and material transportation applications.

Safety Funnel Fluid Control Products

Certain applications may warrant the use of the safety funnel due to risks of spills. Funnel King’s® safety funnels are constructed with built-in safety devices that prevent spills and limit the amount of liquid that can be filled into a specific container. Our auto stop funnel’s push and stop functionality allows the inner plunger to automatically stop any extra fluid from entering the accepting container or tank.

Specialty Fluid Control Heavy Duty Funnels

For those specialized jobs that require a uniquely designed funnel, WirthCo™ Funnel King® specialty fluid control products provide an easy way to complete a tough job. These custom designed funnels allow for quick fills, flow stoppage or offset oil locking adjustments.

Standard Heavy Duty Funnel Advantages

Like standard light-duty funnels, standard and custom heavy duty funnels provide an effective way to channel fluid or small granular materials into a tank or container. Our heavy duty funnel’s wide upper radius coupled with its narrow base provide an extremely effective way to avoid the hassle and mess of annoying splashing and spills. Some of the unique advantages that Funnel King’s® fluid control products provide, include:
  • Ultra-Convenient
  • Reduces spills
  • Fast product transfers
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Chemically resistant
  • Light weight
  • Break-resistant

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