Industrial Shovels & Squeegees

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WirthCo™’s industrial shovels and squeegees are among the best in the industry. Our shovel and squeegee products are extremely durable no matter what the conditions. WirthCo™ carries a broad selection of shovels and squeegees including folding shovels, snow shovels, and polypropylene plastic shovels and squeegees.
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Non-Sparking Folding Shovels

WirthCo™’s folding shovels are perfect for spill kits and a sure necessity for the trunk of any vehicle. Other features, include:
  • Sturdy polypropylene construction with metal sleeve
  • Easy folding design

Extra Heavy-duty Polypropylene Snow Shovels

These polypropylene plastic shovels are perfect for significant snow falls, cleaning up large construction debris piles and fall seasonal leaves.
  • Non-sparking wood handle with "D" grip
  • 20"W x 12"H
  • 49” length

Premium Polypropylene Plastic Squeegees  

These WirthCo™ squeegees are made to last. The extended polypropylene handle provides consistent durability, with the ability to clean hard to reach places.
  • 8" Head
  • 18" Handle

Heavy-Duty D-Grips

WirthCo™’s D-grips are the ideal replacement grip for all folding shovels, snow shovels, or polypropylene plastic shovels. They are extremely durable and provide a grip that cannot be matched by any other D-grip product.

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