155-Ounce Heavy-Duty Graduated Measuring Container with Spout


Heavy duty polypropylene measuring containers are chemically resistant, spark-proof, dent-proof, rust-proof and boil-proof (up to 212°F).

  • 360º Swivel spout on Models #94026 and #94046 
  • Molded raised letter graduations in U.S., Metric and Imperial.
  • Translucent material keeps contents visible.
  • Big grip handle and sturdy non-tip base.
  • Ideal for mixing chemicals, oil, gas and powders.
  • Able to be steam sterilized by an autoclave.
  • #94026 & #94046 work with Heavy-Duty Filler Extension #32167-7.


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Product Weight (lb): 1.3
  • Specifications: Similar to #94040 except with black 4" spout