Funnel King® Oil Drain Pans

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WirthCo's Funnel King® drip trays are constructed from advanced-grade plastic for extended life and extreme-chemical resistance. A WirthCo Funnel King® drain pan is a must have tool for any do-it-yourselfer, or professional garage mechanic. Our drip trays are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your application needs.


Oil Drip Tray Benefits

Funnel King® drain pans make it easy for anyone to drain the oil out of their motorized vehicle without creating a mess. Some of the most notable benefits of a drip tray, include: 
  • Prevents Spills
  • Eliminates Expensive Clean-Ups
  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Easily Stored
  • High Capacity
  • Saves Money

WirthCo's Funnel King® drain pans are available in several sizes to meet your specific funnel requirement needs.

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