Oil Filter Wrenches

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Heavy duty strap style and swivel handle oil filter wrenches are the best oil filter wrenches on the market. With easy-to-use adjustable straps, these highly capable devices provide an effective and dependable way to remove stubborn oil filters without the mess associated with standard tools.
Whether you are looking for adjustable swivel handle or strap style oil filter wrenches, Funnel King® manufactures the best oil filter wrenches in the industry. Contact us for more information on our extensive line of heavy duty oil filter wrenches, or call us at 800-959-0879 and we will gladly assist you with your questions.

WirthCo™ is your premier provider of the best oil filter wrenches in the industry. We have the capabilities to provide premium heavy duty and fully adjustable swivel handle and strap style oil filter wrenches at prices that you can afford.

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Beneficial Features of Oil Filter Wrenches

For those that regularly service cars and provide oil changes, or for those that prefer to work on their own cars, an oil filter wrench is one of the best tools available. The following advantages detail why an oil filter wrench can become your new favorite tool:
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Reduces the Risk of Damage
  • Less Time with Mechanic

Oil Filter Wrench Features

Whether your application requires a strap style or swivel handle oil filter wrench, there is a tool to effectively assist with your specific application needs. Oil filter wrenches provide a specific fit to an oil filter, gripping the filter snugly and giving you the ability to twist it loose. WirthCo™ carries three unique styles and five models of oil filter wrenches, each providing their own direct advantages to the job at hand.

Swivel Handle Oil Filter Wrenches

One of the most common types of oil filter wrenches is the swivel handle style oil filter wrench that looks like the letter P. This is the most common type of oil filter wrench, and comes in varying sizes, small-medium-large, depending upon the diameter of the filter. The best swivel handle style oil filter wrenches provide extra traction when tightened for an improved grip on greasy surfaces.

Strap Style Oil Filter Wrenches

A strap style oil filter wrench provides an adjustable design so that it fits tightly and securely around the filter head. If you need to work on several different vehicles at the same time this wrench provides the most benefits since a single adjustable wrench is all you need, opposed to a variety of different size wrenches.

Tongue and Groove Adjustable Filter Wrench

The heavy duty tongue and groove adjustable filter is wrench is extremely easy-to-use and offers excellent grip quality. The ultra-gripping handle allows for simple torqueing capabilities and the ability to remove an oil filter with minimal slippage.

Oil Filter Wrench Options

WirthCo™ offers the following types of Funnel King® oil filter wrench options:
  • Small Deluxe Swivel Handle Filter Wrench
  • Large Deluxe Swivel Handle Filter Wrench
  • Deluxe Adjustable Filter Wrench
  • Universal Black Nylon Strap Filter Wrench
  • Tongue and Groove Adjustable Filter Wrench

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Contact us for more information regarding our Funnel King® oil filter wrench options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. WirthCo™ is your trusted source for premium oil filter wrench products.