Galvanized Funnels and Measurers

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Funnel King® galvanized funnels and measurers offers the best options for your standard and custom galvanized funnel and measurer product needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will help fluid control find the galvanized funnel or measurer that is perfectly suited to your unique project requirements. Funnel King® offers standard galvanized funnels and measurers as well as customized galvanized funnel products that can be custom labeled to your specific needs. We offer a wide variety of Funnel King® galvanized funnels and measurers, including:
  • Flexible spout transmission funnels
  • General purpose funnels
  • Heavy duty funnels
  • Offset funnels
  • Auto stop funnels
  • Flexible spout measuring containers
  • Drip pans
  • Utility pans
Contact us for more superior quality Funnel King® options, ask about our funnel displays, drip trays, spouts and many other popular items! 

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