Galvanized Funnels, Pans and Measurers

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Galvanized steel is manufactured with a protective zinc coating to prevent rust and other types of corrosion from forming on the surface of a material. Galvanized metal funnels, pans and measurers are manufactured with a protective zinc coating to shield the substrate metal from corrosive substances that they commonly encounter. When compared to standard metal funnels, pans and measurers, heavy duty galvanized funnels provide extended usability due to the protective nature of the zinc coating.
Funnel King® galvanized funnels, pans and measurers offers the best options for your standard and custom galvanized funnel and measurer product needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will help locate the galvanized funnel or measurer that is perfectly suited to your unique project requirements. 
WirthCo™ is your premier Funnel King® galvanized steel funnel, pan and measurer provider. We have the capabilities to provide premium quality galvanized funnels, pans and measurers at prices that you can afford. Contact us for more information on our extensive line of galvanized funneling products and measuring devices, or call us at 800-959-0879 and we will gladly assist you with your questions.
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Galvanized Steel Funnel, Pan & Measurer Options

Funnel King® offers bulk quantity standard galvanized funnels and measurers as well as customized galvanized funnel with screen products that can be custom labeled to your specific needs. We offer a wide variety of Funnel King® galvanized funnels and measurers, including:
  • Flexible spout transmission funnels
  • General purpose funnels
  • Heavy duty funnels
  • Offset funnels
  • Auto stop funnels
  • Flexible spout measuring containers
  • Drip pans
  • Utility pans

Galvanized Metal Funnel Advantages

Galvanized steel should be used anywhere rust protection is required. This is especially true for funnel and pan applications where corrosive fluids will have regular contact with the surface area of the product. Some of the benefits of utilizing galvanized funnels, pans and measurers include:
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting performance
  • Extremely reliable
  • Low cost
  • Self-healing

Galvanized Funnel, Pan & Measurer Industrial Applications

Whether it is a galvanized funnel with a screen to capture large particles, a galvanized drip pan that is specifically designed to catch and hold different types of fluids, or a galvanized measuring device, WirthCo™ stocks the product that is right for your business. With the capabilities to fulfill large bulk orders, we can quickly and efficiently provide the galvanized funnel products that your project requires. Some of the industries that benefit from the use of galvanized steel funnels, pans and measurers include: 
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Fully Customized Galvanized Funnels, Pans & Measurers

At WirthCo™, we can create fully custom galvanized funnels, pans and measurers that can be uniquely labeled to match your specific needs. Whether it is the name of your shop, product or favorite sports team, WirthCo™ can produce custom bulk Funnel King® products that meet your needs.

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