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WirthCo™ specializes in Funnel King® brand measuring containers for your accurate and precise liquid measurement needs. We provide a wide variety of measuring containers to fit your specific project need. We specialize general purpose, heavy duty and industrial grade measuring containers. Additionally, we provide a private labeling option for all our measuring containers. Private labels are ideal for OEMs and suppliers alike. Funnel King’s® measuring containers, standard and custom, are built to last, providing years of continued service! We offer a wide variety of Funnel King® measuring containers, including: Contact us for more superior quality Funnel King® fluid control options, ask about our funnel displays, drip trays, spouts and many other popular items! 
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Plastic Measuring Containers

 Measuring containers can be constructed from a wide range of materials and feature a pre-marked scale that provides numerous measurement amounts, often in both standard and metric versions. Plastic measuring containers allow the user to properly measure their liquids with accuracy, quickness and efficiency.
Contact us for more information regarding our premium quality Funnel King® measuring container options. Ask about our graduated measuring containers, poly pitchers, spout measurers and more, or request a price quote today!

Funnel King® Measuring Containers 

WirthCo™'s Funnel King® brand provides a wide variety of advanced quality plastic measuring containers for your precise measurement needs. We specialize in a wide range of measuring container products, including:
  • General purpose graduated measuring containers
  • Heavy-duty graduated measuring containers
  • High density polyethylene pitchers
  • Industrial translucent flex spout measurers
  • The Prop’ R Measure “Tip & Measure” container
  • Translucent high density graduated measuring containers 
In addition, our private labels are ideal for OEMs and suppliers alike; we provide a private labeling option for all our measuring containers, so your brand and logo can be fully represented on all your measuring container products. Heavy-duty Funnel King® plastic measuring containers are built to last, providing years of continued service!

Funnel King® Measuring Containers 

No matter your exact application needs, WirthCo™ has a Funnel King® measuring product that will provide the results you are looking for. The following Funnel King® products and accessories are available in numerous options, colors and styles.

General Purpose Graduated Measuring Containers 

Funnel King® graduated measuring containers are manufactured from chemically resistant polypropylene and are translucent for convenient, easy and accurate measurements. The graduated measuring containers also feature easy-to-read U.S. and metric blue printed measurements on the outside of the container.

Heavy-Duty Graduated Measuring Containers 

Premium quality Funnel King® heavy-duty graduated measuring containers provide resistance from chemicals, sparks, dents, rust and more. Certain models include a 360° swivel spout and are ideal for mixing chemicals, oil, gas and powders. Additionally, graduated polypropylene measuring containers can be steam sterilized by an autoclave.

High Density Polyethylene Pitchers 

Funnel King’s® high density polyethylene pitchers are manufactured with two handles for easy-pouring capabilities. The longer gradual sloping spout also provides easier access to hard-to-reach areas and is gas and oil compatible.

Industrial Translucent Flex Spout Measurers 

Advanced quality Funnel King® industrial translucent flex spout measurers are manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene and feature raised measurements that are molded to the side of the container. In addition, these plastic measuring containers contain a removable spout and are available in quart and liter versions.

Prop ‘R Measure “Tip & Measure” Containers

For translucent, easy and accurate measuring in a heavy-duty reusable container, check out the Funnel King® patented 2-in-1 measuring and storage container. The 16 oz. storage capacity accurately measures 1-6 ounces prior to pouring and is manufactured from high density, chemically resistant polyethylene.

Translucent High Density Graduated Measuring Containers 

The heavy-duty polyethylene construction of Funnel King’s® high density graduated measuring containers provides raised quart and liter measurements, while maintaining an extended screw-on large flexible spout for easy and convenient pouring.

High-Grade Polypropylene & Polyethylene Construction for Plastic Measuring Containers 

WirthCo™’s Funnel King® plastic measuring containers are manufactured from advanced quality polypropylene or polyethylene plastic, which provides solid heavy-duty structure and support for your application needs. Both polypropylene and polyethylene contain an extremely low specific gravity, which produces a lighter weight end product. These tremendously durable plastics last three times longer than steel and will not rust or crumble.

Funnel King® Custom Private Labeling Option 

All WirthCo™ Funnel King® products are available with custom labeling options. We have the capabilities to take your brand image or logo and implement it onto any of our Funnel King® products. Our custom private labeling options provide a unique way for businesses to create a less expensive marketing campaign for their brand and products. Contact WirthCo™ today for more information on our custom private labeling options.

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Contact us for more information on our Funnel King® heavy duty measuring container product options, including our WirthCo™ Funnel King® premium graduated measuring containers, poly pitchers, spout measurers and more, or request a quote today.