High Density Polyethylene Funnels

Funnel King® polyethylene funnels provide easy and convenient fluid transfer capabilities for consumers and industries throughout the world. High density polyethylene funnels are chemical resistant and provide numerous benefits and safety features.
At WirthCo™, we offer advanced quality HDPE Funnel King® polyethylene funnels for your specific project needs. Contact us for more information regarding our ultra-convenient polyethylene funnel options, or call us at 800-959-0879 and we will gladly assist you with your specific polyethylene funnel questions. WirthCo™ is your trusted source for Funnel King® black and red polyethylene funnels.
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Why Choose High Density Polyethylene Funnels?

Due to its broad range of advantages, polyethylene is an extremely popular plastics choice for industries throughout the world. Funnels that are manufactured from high density polyethylene are extremely cost-effective while maintaining core benefits such as excellent resistance to most solvents, alcohols, diluted acids and alkalis, with moderate resistance to oils and greases.

HDPE Polyethylene Funnel Advantages 

High density polyethylene funnels from Funnel King® provide benefits that are not recognized by any other type of material. Some of the advantages related to high density polyethylene funnels includes:
  • Chemical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Adaptability
  • Extended service life
  • Hang tab included on all funnels
  • Available with or without a screen

Polyethylene Funnel Properties

Black and red polyethylene funnels from Funnel King® are manufactured from premium grade HDPE materials that provide excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Other high density polypropylene properties include: 
  • 120-140° C melting point
  • Density: 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm3
  • Latent heat of fusion: 178.6 kJ/kg
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.44 W/m.° C. at ° C
  • Specific heat capacity: 1330 to 2400 J/kg-K
  • Crystallinity: 60%

Screened & Unscreened HDPE Funnels

Funnel King® black and red polyethylene funnels are available with or without a screen. The screened version allows for advanced filtration to ensure that only the intended liquid enters the application. Unscreened models provide quicker liquid transfers and are intended for applications that do not require filtration. 

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