Spill Resistant 2-Gallon Smart Drum Funnel with Lid


Spill Resistant 2 Gallon Smart Funnel prevents overfilling of drum barrels. The Secret: With the funnel extension, trapped air stops the liquid from filling to the top of the barrel. It leaves just enough room to add 2 gallons more to the barrel, which is the capacity of the E-Z SMART DRUM FUNNEL. In order for the Smart Funnel to work properly, it must be removed immediately when fluid no longer flows freely . This means the drum is full and cannot take any more fluid.

  • Polypropylene body and lid.
  • Lid cover has cord attached to funnel
  • Polyethylene air hose and band.
  • Overall Height: 13 inches
  • Top OD with Cover: 11-1/2 inches
  • Top ID: 11 inches
  • Thread: 2 inches
  • Threaded for 2" Bung Hole


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Product Weight (lb): 2.6