Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch with 2 Key Fobs


A state-of-the-art battery disconnect switch device, automatically monitors your battery capacity. It prevents your battery from going dead by automatically disconnecting the battery at 12.0 volts, therefore reserving enough power to start the vehicle.

  • Automatically Disconnects the Vehicle's Battery at 12.0 Volts
  • Connect and Disconnect the Battery with a Touch of a Button on the Wireless Remote Key Fob
  • Battery Disconnect Switch Helps Prevent the Following: Being Stranded, Dead Battery, Jumper Cables, Towing, Emergency Calls
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation: Battery Disconnect Switch Does Not Require Any Cables to Be Cut
Please view the programing instructions for additonal help to ensure the product is working properly.
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Product Weight (lb): 0.98