Compact Knob Style Battery Disconnect Switches

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Compact knob style battery disconnect switches are used to connect or disconnect electrical power from a battery and can help conserve battery life by cutting off power during periods of inactivity. Knob style battery disconnect switches are installed directly onto a battery terminal and work by unscrewing or tightening the battery switch into an “on” or “off” position to control electrical flow.

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WirthCo™ provides knob style battery disconnect switches that are compact for use with most battery compartments and feature fully removable knobs to help prevent theft. We offer top mount battery disconnect switches and side mount battery disconnect switches in a range of options, including:

We provide battery disconnect switches in a range of styles and configurations as well as battery accessories including chargers, fuse accessories and more.

Tips for Selecting a Battery Disconnect Switch

There are several options available for battery disconnect switches and all provide the ability to conserve battery life and prevent potential theft of your vehicle. Choosing a battery switch depends on preferred style as well as how many amps the switch provides. Your vehicle owner’s manual can provide you with a lot of vital information including power output requirements, but here are a few additional considerations:

  • Think about size. Compact battery disconnect switches fit most battery compartments and can be a good choice for smaller vehicles or tight spaces.
  • Style is also a consideration in choosing a battery disconnect switch. Options typically include knob style or knife-blade battery disconnect switches, keyed battery disconnect switches for extra safety measures, and heavy-duty battery disconnect switches for industrial applications.
  • Mounting options are also important. Top mounted battery disconnect switches are each to see and access, and side mounted battery disconnect switches are more hidden and sometimes preferable for anti-theft applications.

Important Safety Information for Using and Installing Battery Disconnect Switches

  • Choose a battery disconnect switch with the correct power output for your battery; choosing one that is too high can blow your switch and damage your battery.
  • Always connect to the negative terminal of your battery to ensure proper fit and a reliable connection, and to prevent battery damage or personal injury caused by sparking.
  • When removing terminal covers and attaching the battery switch, use caution not to damage any wires.
  • After you’ve finished, it’s a good idea to test your switch to make sure it functions properly

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Compact battery switches are an excellent way to prevent battery drain and are an ideal solution for long-term vehicle storage. Contact WirthCo™ today to request pricing for a knob style battery disconnect switch.