Battery Doctor® Switches and Ignition Panels

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Our battery terminal disconnect switches and panel sets are super cool, convenient and easy to install. The Battery Doctor® disconnect switch installation process starts with the conversion of the old starter to the new panel or battery terminal disconnect switch. Each one of our ignition panels utilizes four mounting holes. The "Start/Ignition Panel - 2 Switch/1 LED" contains an on-off ignition switch with a flip up cover. It also has a red indicator light as well as a covered starter button. The "Start/Ignition Panel - 3 Switch/2 LED" contains all of the "2 Switch/1 LED" features as well as a green indicator light and a second toggle on-off switch that is without cover. Both are mounted on a heavy duty, attractive, chrome plated panel.

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Battery Doctor® Switches and Ignition Panels

Our ignition panels and start panels are available in several types of configurations and are used for various applications, including: 
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • OEM racing equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Off-road equipment
  • Nitrous oxide systems (NOS) for high-end performance vehicles

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