Knife-Blade Battery Disconnect Switches

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Knife blade battery disconnect switches are switches that are installed directly onto a battery terminal and used to control the electrical current that flows from a battery. Battery disconnect switches are used to stop parasitic battery drain that can occur when the engine is turned off and can serve as an anti-theft device.


WirthCo’s patented Battery Doctor® battery disconnect switches are easy to install and simple to use. Our battery disconnect switches are designed to mount on the negative battery top post and we provide options for side post and remote mounted applications. WirthCo knife battery disconnect switches are for 12-volt battery application only and are rated 250 amps continuous and 750 amps surge at 12 volts.

Our knife blade battery disconnect switches help improve safety and security of stored vehicles, RVs and seasonal equipment. We provide knife blade battery disconncet switches in various configurations, including:

  • Low Profile Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches for applications where there is low clearance above the battery
  • Vertical Operation Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches for standard battery installations
  • Knife Blade Dual Battery Disconnect Switches that allow for use of one battery while reserving the second battery for starting
  • Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switches to connect two batteries for maximum charging or starting power
  • Remote Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches for concealed installations
  • Side Knife Blade Battery DIsconnect Switches for side terminal battery applications
  • Double Post Accessory Switches for use with winches, snow plows, generators and camper accessories

Knife blade battery disconnect switches disconnect batteries quickly and easily, help stop unwanted battery drain, and can help prevent theft, tampering and unauthorized use.

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Stop Parasitic Battery Drain with Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches

Parasitic battery drain is continuous battery discharge that occurs after an engine is shut off. This drain can be caused by interior or exterior lights being left on in a vehicle, or by electrical devices such as radios and engine computers. Even though the drainage is small, over time it can affect battery life and could eventually result in a dead battery. Installing a knife blade battery disconnect is a simple way to help prevent parasitic battery drain and extend the life of your battery.

Can a Disconnect Switch Help Prevent Car Theft?

When installed correctly, a disconnect switch can help prevent vehicle theft. Knife blade battery disconnect switches prevent theft of your vehicle by cutting off the flow of electricity in your car or disabling the fuel pump. When a battery disconnect switch is installed, the only way to start a vehicle is by turning the switch back on, which involves opening the hood, locating the switch (which can be wired to a hidden location) and turning it back into an “on” position. Knife blade battery disconnect switches are an easy-to-install and relatively inexpensive theft-deterring solution for any car, truck or RV.

Knife Blade Battery Disconnect Switches Are an Easy Solution for Safe Vehicles Storage

When preparing your vehicle for long-term vehicle storage, its usually recommended that you remove the battery to prevent it from losing its charge over time. This requires not only going through the process of removing the battery but finding a place to store it. Installing a battery switch is a great alternative that can save you the hassle of removing and reinstalling a battery.

Battery Disconnect Switches from WirthCo

WirthCo’s knife blade battery disconnect switches are patented and provide an easy and effective solution for preserving your vehicle’s battery life. We offer a range of battery accessories including battery disconnect switches in various configurations.

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