LED Fuse Accessories

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WirthCo™’s Battery Doctor® LED fuse accessories are easy to use and install, and give you a high visibility way to spot blown fuses. Request a price quote today or contact us for more information on our LED fuse accessories.

LED Indicator Fuses for All 12 Volt Vehicles

A fuse is designed to protect an electrical circuit against damage caused by overloads and short circuits. Under these circumstances, the fuse “blows” to cut the flow of current—that is, a thin metal wire or strip is destroyed by the errant electricity. In most cases, the only way to see if a fuse is blown is by visual inspection of this metal element.

Almost every vehicle on the road today uses blade fuses to safeguard its many electrical systems. These fuses are all located in a single block, sometimes referred to as the vehicles “power distribution center.” A vehicle’s power distribution center is not always easily accessible, and this, coupled with the need to visually check a fuse element, can make it difficult to find and replace a blown fuse. Unless you know exactly which fuse goes to what in your vehicle, trial and error—pulling each fuse and checking its element—is often the only way to find the culprit.

Battery Doctor® LED indicator fuses feature small LED bulbs that illuminate when a fuse has blown, making it far easier to identify, remove, and replace. Our MidBlade ATO/ATC LED indicator replacement fuses and MinBlade ATM LED indicator replacement fuses are designed to replace ATO/ATC fuses and ATM fuses. They offer the same fit and electrical circuit protection as those “standard” fuses, and add the convenience of high-visibility LED lights for open circuit identification.

LED Indicator Fuse Holders for ATO/ATC Fuses

Battery Doctor® LED indicator fuse holders provide essentially the same function as LED indicator fuses, but allow you to use standard ATO or ATC blade fuses. These fuse holders have a small LED lamp built in that, just like the LED indicator fuses, glows when the fuse is blown. Simply insert a blade fuse into the holder, then install the holder in your vehicle’s PDC as you normally would the fuse itself.

Made of durable, lightweight nylon and built with reliable wiring, these fuse holders are reusable and can be used with any ATO/ATC fuse rated for 12/24 volt DC, 30 amp maximum.

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WirthCo™’s Battery Doctor® LED indicator fuses and LED indicator fuse holders are easy to use, high visibility solutions for your protecting vehicle’s electrical system. Request a quote on the LED indicator fuses or fuse holders you need, or contact us for more information.

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