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WirthCo™ offers a full line of Battery Doctor® fuses and fuse accessories. From fuse holders to fuse taps to LED fuse components, we have the economical, high performance solutions you need. Request a price quote or contact us for fuses and much more.

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The Battery Doctor® line of fuses and fuse accessories includes the high quality products you need for complete electrical circuit protection. Request a quote or contact us today.

How Does A Fuse Work?

An electrical fuse is a safety device that provides overcurrent protection for an electrical circuit. They can be found in nearly any piece of equipment that has an electrical system. The critical component in a fuse is a metal wire or metal strip, which melts when the current flowing through it exceeds the level the fuse is designed to withstand. This interrupts the current and protects the circuit and accessory from damage. Therefore, fuses are built-in “weak links” in electrical circuits. Electrical fuses are sacrificial components—once the metal wire or strip in destroyed (when the fuse has “blown”), the fuse itself must be replaced.

Fuses vs. Circuit Breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers both serve the same function—to interrupt the current in an electrical circuit to protect against overcurrent damage. However, while fuses are sacrificial components, circuit breakers can be reset and reused indefinitely, with the proper selection of amperage and application.

Most circuit breakers feature an electromagnet (solenoid) which allows electrical current to pass from one terminal to the other; when the current exceeds the rated level, the magnetic force of the solenoid throws a switch within the mechanism and interrupts the flow of current. After a circuit breaker “blows,” the switch can be reset to its original position, reconnecting the circuit. 

Fuses provide multiple advantages over, including their low cost and ready availability—they can commonly be found at hardware stores, gas stations, and many other places. Fuses are also quick to react to overload, providing more effective protection for sensitive electronic systems. Fuses tend to blow more easily than circuit breakers, however, and the right fuse is not always on hand for replacement.

Advantages of circuit breakers include how easy they are to reset, and how easy it is to tell which circuit breaker has blown (just look for the switch facing the wrong way). However, circuit breakers are not as fast to react as fuses, which can lead to circuit damage in case of a power surge. And, they are considerably more expensive and harder to install than fuses. Circuit breakers can also sometimes be accidentally flipped by vibration or other movement.

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WirthCo™’s line of Battery Doctor® fuses products includes fuses, fuse kits, fuse holders (including Tapa-Circuit® dual fuse holders), LED fuse accessories, fuse taps, fuse blocks, and fuse panels. We have the electrical circuit protection solutions you need. Request a quote or contact us to learn more.

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