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A WirthCo™ Battery Doctor® circuit breaker is an automatically-operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. Unlike a fuse, which operates once and then needs replacement, a circuit breaker can be reset (either manually or automatically) to resume normal operation. Our Wirthco™ Battery Doctor® circuit breakers are made in varying sizes, and types. Wirthco Engineering supplies various blade and three stud mounted styles, plus manual & switchable reset circuit breakers that hold up to 200 amps.

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Stud Mount Circuit Breakers

WirthCo™ Battery Doctor® stud mount circuit breaker is a single pole thermal overload protection device. These types of circuit breakers are available with a right angle, or in-line bracket. These type of circuit breakers are used for a variety of applications, including:
  • Marine
  • Truck
  • Portable generators
  • Trolling motors

Blade Style Circuit Breakers

Our WirthCo™ Battery Doctor® blade style circuit breakers offer single pole thermal overload protection, and are designed to be inserted into fuse panels. Blade style breakers are ultimately able to upgrade a fuse panel to circuit breaker protection. These types of circuit breakers are useful in a variety of applications, including: 
  • Auto
  • Marine
  • Portable generators

Heavy-Duty Manual Reset Circuit Breakers

WirthCo™ Battery Doctor® heavy-duty manual reset circuit breakers operate at full capacity until they are tripped. Once they are tripped they remain off until a manual reset is completed to reactivate the open circuit. Heavy-duty manual reset circuit breakers are ideal for numerous applications, including:
  • Marine
  • Recreational vehicles

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