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A fuse block is used to distribute power in vehicular electrical systems. Although the term “automotive fuse block” is frequently used, a fuse block can be used in not just cars and trucks, but also RVs, watercraft, motorcycles, and any other 12V or 24V system. “Fuse panel” is another common name for a fuse block.

A fuse block provides multiple fuse circuits, usually 2 to 12 spaces. These circuits can be independent, with each having its own individual input and output wires, or ganged, with power shared across all circuits. An independent fuse panel requires two wires to be attached for each fuse (one from the power source; one out to the connected device). A ganged fuse panel requires heavier gauge wire running to the panel and single wires running out to each connected device.

Fuse Block Options

WirthCo™ offers Battery Doctor® fuse blocks to accommodate all common fuse types. Please be sure to select the type of fuse tap that corresponds with the fuses in your vehicle. Our automotive fuse block selection includes:

See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

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WirthCo™ offers fuse block/fuse panel solutions and other Battery Doctor® fuses, accessories, and related products for vehicular electrical systems. Request a quote on Battery Doctor® products, or contact us for more information.

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