Battery Disconnect Keyed & Rotary Switches

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Battery disconnect switches and master switches are used to preserve battery life and prevent theft by cutting off the power supply to a battery with the simple turn of a switch or key. They are commonly used for marine and automotive applications including boats, cars, RVs, industrial equipment and agricultural equipment. Universal ignition switches are used start and turn off the ignition or run the battery for accessory use (lights, radio, etc.) only. Our battery disconnect switch with key options include:

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Water-Resistant Battery Disconnect Switches for Marine and Automotive Use

Our water-resistant master switches are RoHS compliant and a perfect choice for marine and automotive applications. Our master switches are easy to install and provide a convenient way to temporarily disconnect power to your battery. WirthCo™ carries two water resistant master switch options:

WirthCo™ carries rotary knob battery disconnect switches, master battery disconnect switches and universal ignition battery switches, including water-resistant options, for easy self-installation. Contact us to request pricing.

Replacing Your Vehicle Ignition Switch

Vehicle ignition switches can be replaced by a repair shop or can be installed on your own if you feel comfortable with disassembling and reassembling a steering column. The process can be accomplished using only a screwdriver and can be a cost-effective option for those who prefer to perform their own work on their vehicles.

Replacing an ignition switch involves removing the steering wheel and steering column to access the existing ignition switch. This work should be performed with the steering wheel in the center position and the battery disconnected to prevent electric shock. Once the old ignition switch is removed, you insert the new switch and reassemble the steering column and steering wheel, and then test the switch.

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