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Battery isolators can ensure that the starting battery has enough power to restart the engine while also recharging itself. Their main function is to divide direct current (DC) into several divisions, which allows current to move in a single direction. This provides the user the ability to charge multiple batteries from a single source of power.

A battery isolator kit provides everything that is needed to isolate two batteries, so they can be charged independently through the alternator while isolating the starting battery from the second battery. In addition, the battery isolator switch override/reset button allows the user to change the batteries to parallel mode for jump starting. This electrical device kit is conveniently packaged in an easy to transport case that is simple to store in a trunk, under a seat or in any other type of storage place.

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Battery Doctor® isolators are designed for lead acid batteries only!

Battery Isolator Applications

A battery isolator switch provides backup insurance for the starting battery. If there are other electrical items within the vehicle that are draining the battery’s power the alternator may not be able to keep up with the heavy drainage. The battery isolator allows two separate batteries to be hooked up independently to the alternator, allowing one battery to power the vehicle and the other to power the auxiliary items. Some of the vehicles that can benefit from a battery isolator, include:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • RVs
  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles
  • And more

Please view the user's manual or the frequently asked questions guide  for additonal features and specifications of the Battery Doctor Battery Isolators.

Battery Isolator Kit Features

WirthCo™ Battery Doctor® battery isolator kits have numerous features that make it the best performing battery isolator on the market. Its numerous features include the following: 


  • Water resistant – suitable for marine use (IP62)!
  • Priority charging for starting battery.
  • Includes mounting bracket that houses the 4"x4"x2" Isolator.
  • Over current and surge protected for vehicles with electronic systems.
  • Manual override for starting battery.
  • Automatically charges auxiliary battery.

Battery Isolator Exclusive Benefits

There are a wide range of advantages associated with the use of a battery isolator kit over a single standard battery. These benefits allow the primary battery that runs the vehicle from becoming completely depleted, which ultimately ruins the battery. Some of the advantages associated with a battery isolator switch, include:

  • Extended life for the primary battery
  • Secondary battery can exclusively power the auxiliary items
  • Prevents unexpected battery failure

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