Battery Doctor® Merchandising Displays

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WirthCo™ is pleased to offer the Battery Doctor® line of vibrant merchandising display products for your product display needs. Our Battery Doctor® display pieces are colorful and uniquely designed to attract customers to your point of sale. Depending on your presentation and product needs, WirthCo™ offers several different Battery Doctor® display options to choose from, including Battery Doctor’s® exclusive LED writing board.
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Battery Doctor® LED Writing Board

Battery Doctor’s® LED writing board is a cool and unique way to display your specific messages to customers. The neon effect LED display allows you to create your own messages through the easy to write and erase technology.
This product is super easy to use just write your message with the included white fluorescent marker pen (1 included). Erase your message or drawing with included cloth, and use the controller button to select your desired color effect (red, blue, green), flash and speed. 
The additional features of the Battery Doctor® LED writing board, include:
  • Light Up Your Message with Neon Effect
  • Easy to Write, Erase and Rewrite Your Message Over and Over
  • Adjustable Modes (Color and Look)
  • Durable, Portable and Energy Efficient

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