Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switches

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We carry a range of high voltage battery disconnect switches designed for easy operation. We offer battery on-off switches for single and dual battery applications and with key, handle or push-button operators. Choose from different mounting options and features including water-resistant and weather-resistant battery disconnect switches.

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What is a Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch?

Heavy duty battery disconnect switches are used to prevent power leakage that can slowly deplete battery life. They are installed onto the battery terminal and feature a switch or button operation that allows the battery power supply to be easily turned off and on. Cutting of the power supply to the battery terminal while a vehicle is not in use can extend battery life and serves as an anti-theft device. High voltage battery disconnect switches have a rugged design and high voltage capacity that makes them ideal for heavy machinery and industrial applications.

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250 Amps Continuous / 2500 Amps Surge Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switches

500 Amps Continuous / 5000 Amps Surge Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switches

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