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WirthCo™’s line of Battery Doctor® fuse holders includes high quality, low cost solutions for a wide range of electrical fuse applications. We offer a wide range of inline fuse holder and glass fuse holder options, waterproof fuse holders, panel mounted fuse holders, LED fuse holders, and more, in both retail packs and in bulk “stock your shop” resealable bags. Request a price quote or contact us for the fuse holders you need.

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What is A Fuse Holder?

As the name suggests, a fuse holder is a device that holds an electrical fuse. The style and size of a fuse holder is directly related to the type and current rating of the fuse it is designed to hold. For example, a cartridge fuse holder will not accommodate a blade fuse. Many fuses and some fuse holders include special features that prevent fuses of the correct style but incorrect current rating from being installed in the holder, to help prevent electrical damage. Additionally, some fuse holder models allow the fuse to be removed by hand, while others require a special tool for fuse removal.

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LED Blow Fuse Indicators/LED Fuse Holders

How Does an LED Blown Fuse Indicator Work?

An LED blown fuse indicator is used to quickly and easily test if a fuse need to be replaced without removing it from the fuse holder. The indicator consists of two contact wires, one for the line side and one for the load side, along with a high value resistor and an LED indicator. The wires are contacted to the respective ends of the fuse. If the fuse is good, and therefore conducting electricity, most of the current passes through the fuse; if the fuse is bad, current from the circuit will pass through the indicator, illuminating the LED light. In short, a lit bulb equals a blown fuse.

Glass Fuse Holders

AGC Fuse Holders

ATM/Mini Fuse Holders

Low Profile Fuse Holders

Heavy Duty Maxi Fuse Holder with Cover

The Battery Doctor® heavy duty maxi fuse holder with cover is rated for 60 Amps max. Features 6” loop length, with 8-gauge wire. RoHS compliant. Fuse not included.

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WirthCo™’s Battery Doctor® line of durable, reliable fuse holders includes the right solution for your specific electrical application. Request a quote on the fuse holder you need, or contact us for more information.