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WirthCo’s line of Battery Doctor® electrical fuses includes multiple sizes and styles of blade fuses, low profile fuses, AGC and SFE glass fuses, Fast Acting limiter fuses, and Fast Acting MiniDoc™ automotive limiter fuses, as well as a variety of fuse assortment kit options. We have the right fuse for your specific application. Request a quote or contact us for the fuses or fuse assortments you need.

What is A Blade Fuse?

A blade fuse features a plastic body and two metal prongs that are inserted into sockets. Also known as spade fuses or plug-in fuses, blade fuses are primarily used in automobiles, and can be mounted in fuse blocks, inline fuse holders, and fuse clips. Blade fuses come in a range of sizes and amp ratings, and are printed with the rated current (in amps) on top; many blade fuses use a common color-coding scheme for ease of identification.

WirthCo offers a variety of blade fuse options, including:

What is A Glass Tube Type Fuse?

A glass tube type fuse consists of a cylindrical glass cartridge with a thin metal wire running the length of the tube; the wire is connected to a metal cap at each end of the tube. All glass tube fuses are 1/4” in diameter. The length varies according to the ampere rating of the fuse, a design feature that prevents the insertion of an inadequate or unsafe fuse into the fuse panel.

There are two types of glass tube fuses: SFE and AGC. SFE glass fuses are available in 4 amp to 30 amp ratings; AGC glass fuses are available in 0.125 to 50 amp ratings

What is A Limiter Fuse?

Designed for currents over 40 amperages, a limiter fuse consists of a metal strip and a lock plate. Commonly used in forklifts, battery chargers, and similar applications, limiter fuses are frequently installed in close proximity to starter battery fuse boxes; special limiter fuses for automotive use are also available. These non-indicating stud-mount fuses help protect DC circuits against very high overloads and short circuits and avoid needless openings from starting currents and surges.

WirthCo stocks fast acting limiter fuses and automotive MiniDoc™ limiter fuses.

Battery Doctor® Fuse Kits

WirthCo offers Battery Doctor® fuse assortments in 6-piece, 42-piece, and 80-piece kits.

  • 6-piece fuse kits include blade fuses in six different amp ratings.
  • 42-piece fuse kits include blade fuses in six different amp ratings (seven of each), as well as a fuse tester/puller.
  • 80-piece fuse kits include blade fuses in eight different amp ratings (10 of each).

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WirthCo has the right blade fuses and automotive fuse kits for your electrical system’s requirements. Request a quote today, or contact us for more information.