Fuse Taps for Automotive Fuse Blocks

  • Fuse Taps for Occupied Slots in Fuse Blocks
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A fuse tap is a power splitter-type device that slides into an occupied slot in an automotive fuse block to create an additional connection point for slip-on terminals. They function in manner similar to WirthCo’s Battery Doctor® Tapa-Circuit® dual fuse holders, except, instead of creating an entirely separate circuit for a second fuse, our fuse taps allow two accessories to operate on the same circuit. This second fused circuit provides protection for audio components, mobile devices, or accessories that draw power from the vehicle’s battery.

Fuse Tap Options

We offer fuse tap devices for the most common fuse types found in automotive fuse blocks. Please be sure to select the type of fuse tap that corresponds with the fuses in your vehicle. The Battery Doctor® fuse tap lineup includes:

See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.


Fuse Tap Installation

What follows is a very basic guide to installing a fuse tap. As with any electrical project, please use caution to reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to equipment.

  1. Disconnect the vehicle’s battery power by removing the battery cables or via a disconnect switch.
  2. Pull the selected fuse from its circuit slot. (See below to learn how to select the best circuit to use for your fuse tap.)
  3. Insert the wire from the new electrical device into the connector on the fuse tap. Be sure to cut, strip, and crimp the wire, as needed, as you would in any other electrical connection.
  4. Install the fuse tap into the open circuit in the fuse block
  5. Insert the fuse you pulled from the fuse block into one of the fuse tap’s circuit, then insert a new fuse for the newly added electrical component
  6. Reconnect the vehicle’s battery power

Please note: There are two ways to install a Battery Doctor® fuse tap:

  • A fuse tap installed at the “cold” end of a slot in a fuse block is protected by the existing fuse
  • A fuse tap installed at the “hot” end of a fuse slot requires the installation of an additional inline fuse for the new circuit

Which Fuse Slot Should I Use for My Fuse Tap?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the circuit in your automotive fuse block to use for fuse tap installation.

  • If possible, use a circuit slot that is already empty
  • If the above is not an option, select a fuse that powers a utility function (such as the rear window wiper, audio system, etc.) rather than one that powers a critical function (such as the ABS, headlights, etc.)
  • Select a fuse that is properly located to allow for safe wire connection and installation, as the pigtail will likely need to be tucked in under the fuse block cover

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