20 Watt Amorphous Solar Panel Charger / Maintainer


Battery Doctor® Solar Solutions offer a variety of choices in Amorphous Solar Panels. Our Amorphous panels and kits work in all daylight conditions helping you to harness the Sun's Energy! Water resistant, shock and rust resistant, Battery Doctor® has your Go Green Technology covered!

  • Converts Daylight into Electricity to Charge 12 Volt Batteries and Extend Battery Life
  • Amorphous Solar Panels Charge Even in Cloudy and Overcast Weather!
  • Implements the Latest Resource with SiGe Technology Helping to Provide You the Most Efficient Panels on the Market!
  • 10 Amp Solar Controller Needed (#23122)
  • Plastic Corner Sleeves Prevent Scratching
  • Includes E-Z Connect Adapter (Plug and Play)
  • Built-In Blocking Diode Prevents Reverse Charging
  • Mounting Holes in Each Corner
  • Use with Deep Cycle, AGM, Lead-Acid and Gel-Cell 12 Volt Batteries
  • Includes Bright LED Current Indicator at the Top of the Panel
  • Panel has a 10' Cable for connectiing to controller

Accessories Included in Kit:

  • 12 Volt Socket Cable
  • Battery Cable
  • 18" Male 12V Socket Adapter
  • 18" Female 12V Socket Adapter
  • 21" Solar Controller Connecting Wire
  • 36" Alligator Clips
  • Mounting Hardware
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Product Weight (lb): 11.8