Heavy Duty Single Battery Disconnect Switch


Heavy Duty Single Battery Disconnect Switch Incorporates Flange for Panel Mounting from Front or Rear logo_ROHS_HR
For Discreet Appearance, Panel Mounting from Rear Requires Only a Single Center Hold Plus Two Mounting Holes

"Key turns 90° to instantly connect or disconnect the battery"

  • Rated 250 Amps Continuous, 2500 Amps Surge, at 12 Volts
  • Two 1/2" Diameter Mounting Holes on 4" Centers
  • Key is Captive in "On" Position and Removable in "Off" Position
  • Weather-Resistant Cover Included
  • 5" L x 2-1/2" W x 4-5/8" D (3" Deep Behind Panel)
  • Two 10mm Threaded Studs with Nuts
  • For Use on Negative Battery Cable


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Product Weight (lb): 1.29