Battery Isolators/Testers and Monitors

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Battery testers, isolators and monitors are regularly used by individuals that need to constantly keep tabs on their battery’s life and overall performance. These unique products will allow the user to easily attach and assess their battery without the need for bulky immobile devices or other unnecessary pieces of equipment.


Battery Isolators

Battery isolators can ensure that the starting battery has enough power to restart the engine while also recharging itself. Their main function is to divide direct current (DC) into several divisions, which allows current to move in a single direction. This provides the user the ability to charge multiple batteries from a single source of power.

Battery Monitors

Battery monitors are used to keep track of a battery’s performance while in use, which can provide a battery with extended life. If a battery goes dead, it will cause deterioration of the internal lead plates which will lead to a shorter battery life.

Battery Testers

Finally, the function of a battery tester is apparent; a high-quality battery tester will accurately report the condition, current charge and chargeability of an existing battery. If the battery stays dead for an extended amount of time it will no longer be able to regain a charge.

Applications for Battery Isolators, Testers & Monitors

Battery isolators, monitors and testers can be used for numerous applications where battery charging, and monitoring need to be accomplished without the hassle of waiting, rerouting or rewiring. Some of the everyday battery applications associated with these products, include: 

  • Cars
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • And more 

Unique Advantages Associated with Battery Testers, Isolators & Monitors

There are several exclusive advantages that battery isolators, monitors and testers provide to those that rely on batteries to accomplish their tasks. Some of the advanced benefits of utilizing battery monitors, isolators and testers, include:

  • Always having a battery that you can rely on
  • Being able to test your battery on the fly
  • Multiple charging options
  • Constant monitoring
  • Peace of mind

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