Q. Is the Battery Isolator “waterproof”?

A. No! Battery isolators are designed to be dust and shower resistant (water-resistant). Normal use, including river crossings and light engine washing, should not pose any problem. Direct high pressure washing of the battery isolator (or if the vehicle is submerged for a period of the time) may cause some water damage and this will not be covered under warranty.

Q. Why does the positive cable from the Isolator to the Auxiliary battery need to be fused?

A. 12V batteries can produce large amounts of power and are capable of melting cable insulation in the case of a short circuit. Since a dual battery system contains two batteries connected together, the cabling needs to be protected for short circuit at each battery. The battery isolator has inbuilt over-current protection which will protect the cable from the starting battery. To protect the cable from the auxiliary battery an inline fuse or fused battery terminal is needed.

Q. Is the battery Isolator safe to use with modern ‘electronic’ vehicles?

A. The battery isolator has been designed to work with all vehicles, especially new vehicles with onboard computers. In fact the isolator itself has a small microprocessor that intelligently controls the charging. The isolator has in-built surge suppression and over-current protection for extra safety.

Q. Can I use a charger to recharge my batteries with a Dual Battery System?

A. You can charge the auxiliary battery with a battery charger without affecting the battery isolator at any time. When charging the starting battery the isolator will automatically connect the auxiliary battery when the starting battery reaches 13.4V (about 75% charged) and will then be charged also. This is not an ideal way to fully charge the batteries. It is recommended that when charging the starting battery, the Auxiliary battery is disconnected or the isolator is disabled.

Q. Can I turn the isolator off? (Disable)

A. Since the Isolator is fully automatic there is no way to turn the unit off. If you need to disable the dual battery system, this can be achieved by disconnecting the auxiliary battery or disconnecting the small black earth wire from isolator to the chassis. If you need to do this regularly you can place a Battery Doctor® switch inline with the earth wire which can be then used to turn disable the isolator. 

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