100 Amp Battery Isolator

Our new state-of-the-art, fully automatic dual battery controller is suitable for any vehicle with an auxiliary battery. Smaller and lighter than other standard battery isolators, the Battery Doctor® Battery Isolator employs electronic switching control technology. Our high-performance electronic isolator allows you to charge two batteries from a single alternator, and keeps the starting battery isolated from the second battery. Also, with a single push of the override/reset button, you can change the batteries to parallel mode for jump starting.
  • Priority charging for starting battery.
  • Includes mounting bracket  that houses the 4"x4"x2" Isolator.
  • Over current and surge protected for vehicles with electronic systems.
  • Manual override for starting battery.
  • Automatically charges auxiliary battery.
Please view the user's manual or the frequently asked questions guide  for additonal features and specifications of the Battery Doctor Battery Isolators.
Battery Doctor® isolators are designed for lead acid batteries only!  
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Product Weight (lb): 1.1
  • Charging Current: 75 amp/100 amp peak